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Got paid by AyuWage, you can show to other people that AyuWage is legitimate.
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payment (0)

Posted by monica1959 on July, 5th 11:04 AM

My new payment. Long-awaited. Thank you (1)

Posted by Fredas on July, 3rd 6:12 AM

Last reply by: zolika1982 on July, 4th 4:01 PM

I did not expect, thank you (0)

Posted by lybotod on July, 4th 4:39 AM

по добре късно отколкото никога (0)

Posted by petoto1972 on July, 4th 4:30 AM

Mi tercer pago (0)

Posted by Alixsantina58 on July, 3rd 11:40 PM

Mi segundo pago (0)

Posted by Alixsantina58 on July, 3rd 11:35 PM

My New Payment 50 $ Thanks Admin (0)

Posted by ronakshah on July, 3rd 10:53 PM

my recent payment dorsan (0)

Posted by dorsan on July, 3rd 10:06 PM

payment (0)

Posted by ricksstay on July, 3rd 9:46 PM

my payment (0)

Posted by reyesgarciaoky on July, 3rd 8:04 PM

My Payment (0)

Posted by aletr on July, 3rd 7:15 PM

Nuevo pago (0)

Posted by emele67 on July, 3rd 12:14 PM

thanks for payment (0)

Posted by May on July, 3rd 9:29 AM

Ayuwage paid me!!! (0)

Posted by ffelixpn260782 on July, 3rd 6:10 AM

I almost give up, but I get money! (0)

Posted by vauki2 on July, 3rd 5:59 AM


Posted by URKEL61 on July, 3rd 4:56 AM

I always Think that YOU are great!!!! (0)

Posted by pacito49 on July, 2nd 11:59 PM

payment (0)

Posted by HelllleH on July, 2nd 1:52 PM

Thanks payment (0)

Posted by Kopasz on July, 2nd 11:58 AM

Merci beaucoup!!! (0)

Posted by Gohdrick on July, 2nd 11:46 AM

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