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Hello AyuWage Members,

We have rolled out a new earning option for our members that double the earning amount of our previously high Focused Earning option.

The crediting for this option is instant after you submit the 3 URLs that you "explored" on the website that you are directed to.
Please note the 1st URL is the page we put you on, the 2nd URL is another URL on the same site/domain name.
The last 3rd URL is an external link that you clicked while on the 2nd URL. Please make sure these are all correct to avoid warnings.

We hope this new big earning option will help increase our member's earning greatly this year and blast off a nice new year for everyone!

Happy Earnings!
- AyuWage Staff

Posted by AyuWage on January, 25th 4:45 AM 2015

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These websites always show error no matter website links I put in.

- all inclusive vacation Deals

Please check them out, Admin.

Posted by antone1 on February, 25th 10:34 AM 2016

Thank you so much AyuWage admin

Posted by Biharibabu on January, 25th 3:33 AM 2016


Posted by bip on September, 12th 6:31 PM 2015

It's truly amazing, but please fix some of the websites because the domains are expired and when I tried to report de site, it just says others have made it, try again, but the domain is really expired :(

Posted by maryony on August, 18th 10:30 PM 2015

Hello, some explore sites work but some don't. The ad "all inclusive details" returns a valid site with content but no matter what 2nd URL I paste, it returns error. There are still some sites with no content so they always return error without a 2nd URL. Please check.

Posted by kazaki03 on August, 14th 8:01 PM 2015

Hello, I've just tried the Explore feature but it does not work (it always returns an error) because the site that was given to me was just a domain filled with ads with no content. I tried copy pasting the in-site ads that still lead to the side on the 2nd URL and it always returns wrong. I tried both the google ads URL and the actual ad's URL but it doesn't work. Can anyone help?

Posted by kazaki03 on August, 10th 8:09 AM 2015

expore is a big disappoint as it always fails please check 



Posted by kanchan on August, 2nd 1:13 PM 2015

ponga referido alquilado seria bien gracias admin

Posted by yovanny roa on August, 1st 9:24 PM 2015


Posted by walid881 on July, 28th 8:04 AM 2015

Hello admin, I think a great success explore section but does not work correctly if not works terribly wrong, should examine more thoroughly, and solve the problems presented, for the malfunction of this section, causes much loss time, so valuable to us ... waiting early, greetings and thanks.

Posted by agente2 on July, 19th 5:24 PM 2015

The option to double advertising is very good, but lately this failing, I presume that users posted on ayu well placed no ads domain name then fails to collect made exploration click advertising

Posted by joseg on May, 28th 10:29 PM 2015

The explore tab is giving hope of rapid  earning avenue at AyuWage. But many of the sites are infected with some problems. Kindly filter those problems. When people click on the links and submitting, systems says the links are wrong. The site is getting click advantage and the member is fooled by the system. This may be certain fault and hope to eliminate while reporting. Thanks.

Posted by josechukkiri on April, 20th 8:57 AM 2015


a great way to earn money but some sites in particular "What nationality are you?" when you enter the correct information displays an error message
what to do?

sincerely, mikhail

Posted by mkorn on April, 19th 4:49 AM 2015

thanks..this new big earning option will help increase our member's earning

Posted by audie on April, 15th 11:40 PM 2015

Thanx admin

Posted by audie on April, 12th 8:57 PM 2015

help : where is  the 2nd URL ; I still fail -- help me to find it -

Posted by wen on March, 22nd 9:32 AM 2015

its nice offer adman

Posted by aburiyan on February, 22nd 6:05 AM 2015

good new ; but has an example is good 

Posted by wen on February, 11th 7:34 PM 2015

Excellent decision!

Posted by vezvul1 on February, 5th 4:51 AM 2015

Thank you so much AyuWage admin., not only for the great new earning opp. but for all that you do.  

Posted by catlady on January, 29th 7:44 PM 2015

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