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Hello AyuWage Members,

We have improved our referral system to be more accurate at crediting you for your downline activities.
We've added an additional decimal place to your credit balance to support smaller crediting for small percentages.
As a result of our this change, you will get a slight boost to your referral earnings, it's the best time to refer a friend!
We know that every little bit helps, we hope this increases your downline earnings for you and encourages you to refer more members.

Happy Earnings!
- AyuWage Staff

Posted by AyuWage on January, 28th 5:20 PM 2015

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It is the best site with own clicks with highest value of ads. I loved it very much.

Thank you admin.

Posted by kanak on November, 22nd 12:46 AM 2017

Thans admin

Posted by Malkata on December, 11th 3:47 PM 2016

thank you

Posted by useek on August, 4th 6:35 AM 2016

Thank You, Admin!

Posted by Jakalazi on July, 22nd 3:30 AM 2016

boost me to adm.

Posted by andyher on May, 3rd 11:43 PM 2016

Dear Sirs, on april, 20 I rented 25 refferals and paid for them, but they still do not appear in my rented refferals list. You give no feedback to my request and I feel robbed by your site.

Posted by anderneo on April, 28th 8:47 AM 2016

This AyuWage Toolbar is not install my computer 99% then error please helps us

Posted by rsit on April, 1st 1:14 PM 2016

login web site error show again and when click the web site and again error of link show plz resolve this issues. thnx

Posted by km9145 on March, 15th 12:17 PM 2016

I really love AyuWage. 

Posted by Juits on February, 16th 8:47 AM 2016

Thanks Ayuwage to My 2nd and 3rd each $10 payment..

Posted by HarryMkr on February, 6th 4:31 AM 2016

How many can I havedirect referrals? andasyou can see, if there are more than200 people? (factsheetreferralsis limited to 200balloons)

Posted by Vanxelsink on January, 11th 5:20 AM 2016

Dear Admin,
Thank you very much for giving me the first payment on time

For me, the best PTC sites PTC sites and trustworthy than ayuwage

Thanks ayuwage

Posted by Rassel on December, 28th 10:29 PM 2015

Thanks a lot for your helpful site

Posted by jaan1431 on December, 22nd 11:41 PM 2015

It is the best site with own clicks with highest value of ads. I loved it very much.

Thank you admin for giving additional 10% sharing from refferals.

Posted by DSRao on December, 20th 11:04 AM 2015

i m in love with this site..

great earning and loving site.

thanks Admin

Posted by saveKakar on December, 16th 3:38 PM 2015

Tanks  Admin .

 I must support u.

Posted by farhad511 on December, 13th 10:37 PM 2015

Thanks for Happy Earnings! News

Posted by asad79 on December, 13th 4:02 PM 2015

Thanks, I appreciate  that.

Posted by Donomite on December, 3rd 11:43 PM 2015

hello i want to know if i can invited person resgitred en this site to be my referrals because my friends and family are registred 

Posted by denyw on November, 21st 4:13 AM 2015

Admin how much earnig from refferal ???

Posted by Hasna on November, 11th 6:25 PM 2015

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