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Reading Thread: [TOS Update] Account Inactivity Period - Increased from 60 to 90 Days

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Hello AyuWage Members,

In response to numerous member feedback, we have yet again increased the inactivity period. This time from 60 to 90 days.
We know life can get hectic at times and you may have periods where you'll have limited access to the internet.
We hope this change will make life just a bit easier for you and less worrying about your account here.

Happy Earnings!
AyuWage Staff

Posted by AyuWage on January, 28th 5:54 PM 2015

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buena idea gracias!!

Posted by fenme on April, 28th 8:40 AM 2016

Thanks Ayuwage

Posted by Prabhanjan on February, 16th 12:45 PM 2016

awesome site Ayuwage. i love that site . thanks for Admin also staff.

Posted by darknessman on January, 30th 7:22 PM 2016

thank u

Posted by jayaabilash on January, 13th 10:22 AM 2016

ayuwage is great site world wide  enjoy all members....

thanks ayawage

Posted by bijoy on December, 28th 8:39 AM 2015

Thanks for a good news. thanks to admin

Posted by Nirjon on December, 14th 8:13 AM 2015

oh thanks

Posted by farhad511 on December, 11th 9:39 PM 2015

thanks admin

Posted by Alazne1511 on December, 1st 3:14 AM 2015

it is nice 

Posted by mohammed nazir on November, 7th 10:41 AM 2015

Thanks for a good news.

Posted by Rashel on October, 2nd 1:42 PM 2015

thanks for good news

Posted by Rashel on September, 12th 10:51 AM 2015


Posted by junn on August, 9th 4:09 AM 2015


Posted by vanscrew on August, 1st 12:30 AM 2015

it sounds great !!!

Posted by ronaldomatau on July, 31st 8:45 AM 2015

Gracias que bueno

Posted by lutesa on July, 28th 3:32 PM 2015

thank you 

Posted by mahamud007 on July, 9th 9:28 AM 2015

Muchas gracias

Posted by el50 on June, 28th 9:43 PM 2015

wooow that is good!

Posted by tasjcenterprise on June, 28th 2:36 PM 2015


Posted by shaun on June, 25th 7:36 AM 2015


Posted by Choco on June, 24th 2:15 PM 2015

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