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Reading Thread: [Update] Payments Times & Ticket Responses

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Hello AyuWage Members,

We are aware of the recent delay in payment times from the original one week wait time.
We're working to increase our staff to make sure your payments go out within the 1 week time-frame.
We'll also get more staff to handle our tickets to make sure your concerns are responded to.
Thank you for your support and we appreciate all the feedback that you've given.

Happy Earnings!
-AyuWage Staff

Posted by AyuWage on August, 1st 8:16 AM 2015

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do it what youv said the on time cashout...i loved this site but try the cashout be as early base on you policy...

Posted by mohimo on May, 16th 7:06 PM 2016

Thanks Admin for my first job with you.

Posted by Abdelfattah on March, 11th 10:26 PM 2016

I was sent an email that I would be paid on the 10th of this month and have yet to see that amount in my paypal account. I have been trying to get an answer to a support ticket for over 2 weeks now to find out why the payment I was told I was getting hasn't been put in my paypal account yet and I am receiving no response. Why was my payment not made?

Posted by mikessbb on February, 27th 4:21 PM 2016

my payment 


Posted by nhocquay081195 on February, 27th 1:05 PM 2016

Any update on staff increasement and faster payments ? I have 2 payouts pending... Wanna get paid before clicking any more ads...

Posted by Regaim Marketing on February, 24th 10:03 AM 2016

Otro pago recibido recibo.png

Posted by thxly on February, 13th 1:07 AM 2016

I receive  my payment. This is my first payment. Thanks Admin.I believe AyuWage is a best and legit paying site.

Posted by sancharip2 on February, 5th 5:47 AM 2016

Thanks AyuWage , To pay for my First payment. I frimly belive that AyuWage is a valueabe and real institute . that is why, I have gotten so much pleasere to work here. For this reason, I think that most of the people will be interested to work here. In a word, thanks for all stuff and Admin of AyuWage.  IMY Payment prove link is below

PayInstantOrder Services (billing@payinstantorder.com) just sent you money through Payza.

Payment Details

  • Date: February 03, 2016 1:55:59 PM
  • Amount Sent: $5.00 USD
  • Sender Name: PayInstantOrder Services
  • Sender Email: billing@payinstantorder.com
  • Reference Number: 2F876-57AAD-C50A0

  • Message: AyuWage Rewards Redeemed

Posted by arif.ccnp on February, 4th 12:32 PM 2016

BD5glg.jpgThank you ayuwage

Posted by RealkayseR on February, 3rd 10:42 PM 2016

payment proofs 10usd 5 timesnLlLew.jpg

Posted by ki11i on January, 19th 9:14 AM 2016

This is my 3rd payment
Many thanks administrator
Many thanks AyuWagepa.jpg

Posted by Foxtwo on December, 10th 11:16 AM 2015



Posted by FreddyVzla on December, 10th 4:50 AM 2015

Good morning, I need to know when my payment credited me $ 10 and I have more than 7 days waiting, thanks

I managed to notice that in the tab "REWARDS" was saying for days that had a pending payment of $ 10, yesterday I went to check and managed to notice that they had no pending payments, I went to check my PayPal account and noticed that there had credited $ 10, please help I need my payment, check well.

Posted by DeibyA. on December, 7th 3:39 PM 2015

Thanks ayuwage i received my 4th payments.
I really love this site as my part time.

Posted by Lhingz on December, 3rd 4:19 AM 2015

ThanksPayment  Ayuwage Admin!



Posted by wolfo2 on December, 2nd 5:02 PM 2015

PayInstantOrder Services sent $10,00 USD to you

Hello AyuWage Member,

Your request for Paypal USD Cashout has been successfully delivered. Please do share your payment as proof to help our community grow.

Thank you for Choosing AyuWage Services, AyuWage Team http://www.ayuwage.com

It's my first payment from the start of using service. But I hope it will be more. Thanks to AyuWage!!

Posted by Nayada on October, 30th 1:07 PM 2015

I have received 4 more payments. Total 8 payment ($80) so far. Thanks Ayuwage.

Posted by maple on October, 1st 8:43 PM 2015



Posted by quyennguyen1 on September, 28th 9:16 AM 2015

I received 3 more payments today and total 4 payments so far ($40). Thanks AyuWage.

Posted by maple on September, 11th 7:27 PM 2015


Posted by Spider Gautam on September, 4th 4:00 PM 2015

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