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Reading Thread: [News] Recent Updates + Discounts on Rented Referrals

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Hello AyuWage Members,

As a response to many member feedbacks and complaints, we have made some changes to the Start Earning area so that your browsing experience will be more clean and less cluttered. You may also notice that the site loads faster now due to these changes.

We have cleaned up the browsing interface and separated the types of sites once again so that it is more categorized. Furthermore, we have made the max sites any user can reserve to 6 for each campaign type. So your toolbar may show that you have a larger amount of ads available, but the system will only reserve up to 6 for you per campaign type. As you browse through your reserved ads, more will be reserved for you at the same time. This will prevent ad hogging by members so that a single user won't hog up all the viewable ads.

We have also put a special limited time discount on our official rented referrals store. Rent a referral for a week only at 10 credits each referral. That is a whole 50% off the original price! If you would like to invest in your chance to earn a percentage back, now is the best time.

Remember if you post your payment proof to our Testimonial Forums, you can get a chance to win credits just from sharing your payment proof with the rest of the community. View the topics in the Events forum for more information and submission format to qualify.

Last but not least, we are only 370 members away as of this post to activate our special event to activate 50% extra earning day. Refer your friends, let them know about our site, and we will get closer to activating the special event! Get more earnings and continue earning from them as your referrals. Its a win-win situation.

We hope these changes have your experience at AyuWage better. We're always trying to improve our site for our members. Please do let us know your opinion, feedback and any problems you experience at our site to our staff members. We do read and every email you send to our staff. By letting us know about your experience with our site, together we can make the site a better place.

Thank you for being a member of AyuWage! - AyuWage Staff

Posted by AyuWage on September, 3rd 3:19 PM 2011

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of course in the leg-the main thing that is not in the head!

Posted by YURII on May, 21st 1:36 PM 2013

We rented 100 referrals from AyuWage store. I paid 2000 credits. How do I see if referrals are active?
Thank you,

Posted by nicos54 on April, 4th 7:54 AM 2013

Lucky Browser! Found Snow! on 2/19/2012

Can someone tell me what this means, thanks

Posted by maysbays on February, 19th 8:40 PM 2012

Thanks admin

Posted by deempal on February, 18th 9:40 AM 2012

how do I refer my friends?I am browsing with a nokia C3.Thanks.

Posted by Olu on December, 9th 5:34 PM 2011

good job dude, thanks

Posted by THEHT on November, 15th 1:25 AM 2011

yap,in your from my experience, you should try ONLY by buying from the AyuWage referral store. I never earned much from other referral stores. But nearly always earn my investment in referral when I buy from AyuWage referral store. Note that I always buy referrals in bulk (100+). Hope this help you.to be careful in spending to.

Posted by ladylyn on November, 14th 11:21 PM 2011

good new

Posted by toto79kr on November, 3rd 12:19 AM 2011

nice info thanks admin

Posted by amat77 on October, 28th 4:26 PM 2011

dear Admin....

Very good news .... thank you admin

Posted by yyoyyox on October, 9th 3:51 PM 2011

good news

Posted by amat77 on October, 8th 2:49 PM 2011

nice admin

Posted by deempal on October, 8th 10:50 AM 2011

This is great! :)

Posted by w3rt on September, 29th 11:35 AM 2011

Thanks Admin

Posted by piker on September, 25th 7:06 AM 2011

The best site I ever seen in the ocean of internet. What a service. There is no doubt for anything. Thanks a lot to Ayuwage team. Keep it on for giving your best to members.

Posted by Anilkumar on September, 25th 3:12 AM 2011

I like the changes. Anatoly

Posted by tolyan on September, 24th 8:10 PM 2011


Posted by Eileene on September, 21st 10:37 AM 2011

very good

Posted by blackevilx on September, 20th 3:19 PM 2011

Thanks admin

Posted by deempal on September, 19th 8:41 AM 2011

admin excuse me .... 10 credit= 0.005$ right

Posted by datinh1571 on September, 14th 3:50 AM 2011

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