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Reading Thread: Site Speed Issue Fixed + Payment / Support Updates

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Hello AyuWage Members.

We apologize for the recent site speed issues that you've been experiencing.
We've got to the bottom of the causes and fixed them, everything should be running smoothly now.

Due to expected growth to our network, we've had a shortage of staff that we are resolving this month.
We're aware of the payment delays and we're doing our best to get it resolved.
We're hoping to resume our weekly payments back soon. The next payment process time is 3/3/2016 or earlier.

Finally, we are also looking get all support inquires answer in a timely matter.
Usually when we process payments, we close a majority of the payment related tickets.
But if we close your ticket by accidentally, feel free to open it again until we resolve it.

We appreciate your understanding and we're looking to do our best to get our network back up to par.

Thank you,
AyuWage Staff

Posted by AyuWage on March, 2nd 1:59 AM 2016

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Thanks for the information

Posted by Willimzy on May, 24th 8:55 AM 2018

Thanks AyuWage,, !!
We are always support AyuWage !!!

Posted by Rakib on June, 4th 8:55 AM 2016

thanks AYUWAGE

Posted by akaybe on May, 1st 12:11 AM 2016


Posted by surjo debnath on April, 13th 11:44 AM 2016

Thank you admin

Posted by Thans on March, 22nd 9:04 PM 2016

thank you admin

Posted by hassib on March, 20th 11:19 AM 2016


I would like to know how I can get my pay by amazon?

I saw that this was possible before Join AyuWage

regards .

Posted by lenrmatterano on March, 17th 8:14 PM 2016

Thank you......

Posted by Piyal on March, 17th 10:03 AM 2016

Thank u admin

Posted by DSRao on March, 16th 3:39 AM 2016


Posted by Sky-t on March, 14th 3:54 PM 2016

good yes

Posted by Makaleli on March, 14th 3:46 PM 2016

The site speed issue was definetely NOT solved. The Refresher takes ages to turn and usually it throws us out to cloud copy of the site

Posted by Bobsteinner on March, 13th 10:16 PM 2016

Happy!! Thanks Admin

Posted by CELIA13 on March, 13th 9:10 PM 2016

thanks Admin

Posted by polux on March, 13th 4:14 AM 2016

What happened to my registered mail, I had more than 80, I understand that they could be inactive, but he was 1 "joanna" or something like that, to work with me from the beginning, what happened to her, and of the rest? what is going on in advertising and investment in users expounded over $ 100 !!!!

Posted by larry1976 on March, 13th 12:34 AM 2016

thanks Admin

Posted by polux on March, 12th 7:17 PM 2016

Thank you,Admin!

Posted by f29sAW on March, 12th 11:44 AM 2016

This site it´s amazing my friend, I like it! :)

Posted by DonDInero on March, 11th 2:27 PM 2016

Thank you Very much ADMIN

Posted by budenetz on March, 11th 1:37 AM 2016

Appreciated admin.Thanks

Posted by lala on March, 10th 8:53 PM 2016

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