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Reading Thread: [Fixed] Explore Website Submission Issues

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Hello AyuWage Members,

We've had numerous reports regarding the issues you've had with explore websites and our developers have been working hard to get this corrected for you. We done some fixes that should fix up the majority number of errors for explore website that users have reported. We hope this change will encourage you to give our explore earning option another shot. 

We appreciate your reports and looking forward to seeing our members earn more!

Best Regards,
AyuWage Team

Posted by AyuWage on March, 26th 2:27 AM 2016

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Posted by TrueMan on October, 2nd 9:32 AM 2016

thanks all

Posted by joseareyesm08 on July, 2nd 4:34 PM 2016


Posted by Ansari on July, 2nd 2:32 PM 2016

im waiting, good work

Posted by akaybe on May, 1st 5:05 PM 2016

Today I'm having problems again, I'm getting "Error" when submitting, i hope I don't get any warnings for this because I'm having some because of this.

Please fix this Ayuwage.


Posted by bf2825 on April, 15th 8:27 AM 2016

The site seems to be working better now thanks Admin.

Posted by jimbo on April, 1st 7:56 PM 2016


Posted by kolayuw2 on March, 31st 10:47 PM 2016

thanks admin

Posted by bajakan21 on March, 31st 6:24 PM 2016

thanks admin

Posted by hassib on March, 31st 10:44 AM 2016

Thanks Admin

Posted by encup on March, 31st 2:13 AM 2016


Posted by bajakan21 on March, 30th 10:21 PM 2016

thanks a lot admin

Posted by arya on March, 30th 4:30 PM 2016

 Thank you very much admin!   Excellent work . I like it! isi 69

Posted by isi69 on March, 30th 3:33 PM 2016

thanks admin

Posted by hassib on March, 30th 1:06 PM 2016

Thanks Admin, good initiation to resolve the issue.

Posted by DSRao on March, 29th 2:05 PM 2016

thanks admin, remains the best ayuwage

Posted by kends on March, 29th 8:24 AM 2016

some explore tab have problem currently available now.Please solved hurry.

Posted by ishaan on March, 29th 2:29 AM 2016

Come on guys this is a was a great site but now it won't open it lags and most of the time the ad's don't load until the second or third try please fix it. Thank You Form a loyal member,

Posted by jimbo on March, 28th 9:47 PM 2016

Thank you admin)

Posted by sara65 on March, 28th 9:23 PM 2016

Thanks Admin.

Posted by Aminaaziz on March, 28th 5:57 PM 2016

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