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Reading Thread: [Fixed] Explore Website Submission Issues

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Hello AyuWage Members,

We've had numerous reports regarding the issues you've had with explore websites and our developers have been working hard to get this corrected for you. We done some fixes that should fix up the majority number of errors for explore website that users have reported. We hope this change will encourage you to give our explore earning option another shot. 

We appreciate your reports and looking forward to seeing our members earn more!

Best Regards,
AyuWage Team

Posted by AyuWage on March, 25th 9:27 PM 2016

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thanks all

Posted by nazmul2929 on March, 28th 4:34 AM 2016

thank's admin.many many thanks

Posted by Jami on March, 28th 2:33 AM 2016

Love Ayuwage "EXPLORE"

Posted by sudiptasingapore on March, 27th 11:14 PM 2016

Excellent work       *** Ayuwage Forever***   

Posted by Yors on March, 27th 7:35 PM 2016

Thank You guys.

Posted by zlo78exe on March, 27th 6:04 PM 2016

thanks admin

Posted by jamesfred on March, 27th 3:06 PM 2016

Thanks Admin

Posted by ttmusic on March, 27th 2:34 PM 2016

Happy Easter to AyuWage Team

Posted by ciechocinek on March, 27th 12:47 AM 2016

Excelente, gracias Admin

Posted by polux on March, 26th 8:28 PM 2016

Thanks Admin

Posted by sakr on March, 26th 5:11 PM 2016

many many thanks to admin for good news

Posted by arif.ccnp on March, 26th 2:34 PM 2016


Posted by olikengra on March, 26th 2:25 PM 2016

good move: Thanks for removing the 15 minutes of waiting before a new set of explore websites are reserved to our account, so now we have not to wait if a website refuses to submit and the site is on pending status.
bad move, you have set every set of new explore sites reserved to our account every 3 minutes to 1 site instead 3, so even removing the 15 minutes of waiting if a site refuses to be submit, members need to spent almost 1 more hour thna before to complete the full set of explore websites reserved to their accounts everyday.

please can you set every set of explore websites every 3 minutes to 2 or 3 websites as before, instead 1.. Now only 1 website is reserved every 3 minutes, before fixing explore tab (some websites refuses to be submitted yet), it was 3 website every 3 minutes.


Posted by Overkill on March, 26th 1:10 PM 2016

Explorer stopped working for me today!


Posted by doug on March, 26th 12:48 PM 2016

Hello again, finaly i found a bug: when you click on a new advert, the ancien form is not refresh, so you cannot valid the actual advert you see...

Posted by f29sAW on March, 26th 11:53 AM 2016

thank you admin !

Posted by H. Kumar on March, 26th 11:03 AM 2016

Thank you, it works fine for me now, and i use Chrome OS.

Keep-up the good work!

Posted by f29sAW on March, 26th 10:28 AM 2016

Thank You very Much.

Posted by maywin on March, 26th 7:56 AM 2016

Thanks Admin

Posted by camilo06 on March, 26th 5:23 AM 2016

Thanks admin :)

Posted by lucky1408 on March, 26th 4:58 AM 2016

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