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Reading Thread: [Fixed] Website Loading Issues - 503 Errors

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Hello AyuWage Members,

We've fixed the issues that some members have been experiencing the in the past 24 hours with that led to the 503 errors. Thank you for reporting the issues to us and your patience while we resolved these problems. We're definitely making many improvements to our network to improve your member experience here at AyuWage. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us via a ticket on the "Request Help" page if you still continue to experience any issues on our website.

Best Regards,
AyuWage Staff

Posted by AyuWage on March, 30th 4:32 PM 2016

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Posted by Ansari on July, 2nd 9:31 AM 2016

Thanks dear admin

Posted by sonu on April, 28th 4:03 AM 2016


Posted by fenme on April, 27th 9:49 PM 2016

It is lovely. Great news Admin.

Posted by gofsey on April, 20th 11:51 AM 2016

Hi Admin,

I am a new user of ayuwage. I am not getting any add can you help me out?

Posted by Tanna on April, 20th 3:45 AM 2016


Posted by sayef on April, 18th 6:49 AM 2016

Que Esta Pasando Que No contestan un Los billetes y tengo un registro de cobro congelado, nadie contesta ni se sabe nada, alguien podria explicarme por qué? gracias.

Posted by sucu on April, 15th 12:20 PM 2016


Posted by susanta on April, 12th 4:22 AM 2016


Posted by g.wheelson on April, 8th 10:48 AM 2016

I am having problems in the functioning of the program and download the pictures maybe because I do not know the site translated into Arabic well please help

Posted by gaber191 on April, 7th 8:34 AM 2016

still not fixed april 6, 2016

Posted by med on April, 6th 12:49 PM 2016

still not fixed on april 5, 2016

Posted by med on April, 5th 8:33 AM 2016

not fixed as of april 4th

Posted by med on April, 4th 2:56 PM 2016

Error 1001 DNS Resolution Error - this is the one I constantly get, I have to click an ad several times to get it credited... fix it, please!

Posted by Kilsenum on April, 4th 5:47 AM 2016

O.M.G.! Finally the site works perfectly. Thanks!

Posted by vickypic4 on April, 3rd 4:20 PM 2016

 The problem with explore ads section is still here :/

Posted by PTCMonitor.info on April, 3rd 10:53 AM 2016

thanks admin, AyuWage the best website paid for clicks and navigation for internet. we must grow more and multiply earnings.

Posted by residen47 on April, 1st 10:42 PM 2016

Hello...still with problems loading ads. The message returned is ERR_Connection_TimeOut. Anyone has the same problem as I have?. 


Posted by vickypic4 on April, 1st 12:35 PM 2016

thanks forward aywage admin,step by step to get mony,without invest,thats great ;but a little stress,no problem i'am a hard worker

Posted by jamesfred on April, 1st 6:28 AM 2016

thanks admin

Posted by Emoboy85 on April, 1st 6:15 AM 2016

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