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Reading Thread: [Support Ticket Update] Re-Open Your Unresolved Problems

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Hello AyuWage Members,

We have recently added new support staff members to our team in an effort to better resolve your unanswered questions. If you have any unresolved questions that you would like to be answered, please feel free to re-open the existing ticket. We're sorry if your ticket got closed by mistake, but we'll make sure to get it answered this time. Otherwise, if this is an existing issue,  please feel free to open a new ticket. We'll be sure to get back to you as soon as we can and provide a satisfactory resolution for you.

Best Regards,
AyuWage Team

Posted by AyuWage on April, 20th 10:58 PM 2016

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Thank's Admin

Posted by dipankar1 on August, 17th 12:18 PM 2016


Posted by Ansari on July, 2nd 2:31 PM 2016


Posted by dzilhoqqie on May, 22nd 5:44 PM 2016

hell is here no one is here to reply the members even for pending payment i appreciate the management of ayuwage

Posted by raufraja67 on May, 10th 9:31 PM 2016

thanks admin its great!!

Posted by cesarin on May, 5th 4:32 AM 2016

thank you!

Posted by Nikki on May, 3rd 4:55 PM 2016


Posted by sonai on May, 2nd 1:03 PM 2016

Thanks admin

Posted by deempal on May, 2nd 8:56 AM 2016

good news

Posted by Aslam on May, 1st 11:01 PM 2016

hello Admin, Give me ayuwage Toolbar by mail.

Posted by mirsahinur on May, 1st 9:18 PM 2016

so carrying

Posted by akaybe on April, 29th 8:27 AM 2016

muchas gracias, agradecido por el apoyo

Posted by beto on April, 28th 5:31 PM 2016

Hello!Many thanks AyuWageTeam!


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Posted by topa on April, 28th 9:49 AM 2016

Hola soy nueva en esta pagina ando perdida ya algunas cosas q desconozco

Posted by fenme on April, 28th 3:57 AM 2016


Posted by fenme on April, 28th 3:54 AM 2016


Posted by fenme on April, 28th 3:43 AM 2016

Buenas noches !! Gracias..

Posted by fenme on April, 28th 2:48 AM 2016

It is very good news, because I sent a question to support ticket, but nobody didn't answer me.

Posted by pinaki on April, 27th 8:32 PM 2016

Thank you admin

Posted by deempal on April, 27th 9:11 AM 2016

This is very good news!    Thank you  Admin!!!

Posted by galatea396 on April, 27th 8:37 AM 2016

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