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Hello AyuWage Members,

We've noticed reports from a minority of our members on some problems with our email websites. 
We're sorry for the trouble that you've been experiencing and we have fixed the problems that caused this issue.
Please do give email sites another try when you get the chance if you have experienced trouble in the past.

We appreciate your reports and we're doing our best to make sure our system is operational for you.

Best Regards,
AyuWage Team

Posted by AyuWage on May, 2nd 10:30 PM 2016

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thanks ayuwage

Posted by jaideepganesh on January, 23rd 3:55 PM 2018

thanks ayuwage

Posted by jaideepganesh on January, 20th 8:50 AM 2018

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Very grateful

Posted by yichi on July, 1st 12:13 AM 2016

thanks admin

Posted by ferchu09 on June, 26th 11:02 PM 2016

thnx admin

Posted by kanak on May, 28th 5:35 PM 2016

thank you

Posted by clickmenow214 on May, 24th 2:01 PM 2016


Posted by BM on May, 23rd 2:25 AM 2016

i happy

Posted by ress365 on May, 20th 5:40 AM 2016


Posted by ferchu09 on May, 15th 7:21 PM 2016

I still have not received a payment of $ 5 from 5-5 to now has 7 days before

Posted by neik19951 on May, 12th 12:05 PM 2016

thanks admin! best site.

Posted by isi69 on May, 11th 7:26 PM 2016


Posted by isanoelia on May, 10th 8:24 PM 2016

thanks admin

Posted by khalid on May, 9th 12:16 PM 2016


Posted by simido on May, 8th 12:27 PM 2016

I Love Ayuwage

Posted by mamunnazarpur on May, 7th 3:25 PM 2016

I can not get the code to activate email. My email was activated in paypayl. why I do not pay the money into paypayl

Posted by neik19951 on May, 5th 4:28 AM 2016

thank you admin

Posted by daowadung on May, 4th 11:08 PM 2016

Its our pleasure and AyuWage will always lookafter their members for better service.

Posted by QURRATUL1 on May, 4th 6:52 PM 2016


Posted by alaa on May, 4th 5:33 PM 2016

thanks admin

Posted by alaa on May, 4th 5:32 PM 2016

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