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Reading Thread: [Fixed] Reporting Bad Search Sites

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Hello AyuWage Members,

We recently found an issue with the reporting feature for our search earning category.
Rest assured that it has now been corrected and you are now able to properly report non-crediting search sites.
We apologize for the trouble this may have caused and we do encourage for you to report these sites again.

Thank you and Happy earnings!
-AyuWage Team

Posted by AyuWage on July, 14th 9:26 PM 2016

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Thank you

Posted by beyazpanda on February, 1st 9:16 PM 2017


Posted by aditya saha on January, 26th 7:16 AM 2017

thank u admin

Posted by aditya saha on January, 23rd 4:50 PM 2017

Thank you.

Posted by talex55 on November, 7th 1:51 PM 2016

ok thanks so much.

Posted by johnwaylas on October, 5th 2:37 PM 2016

its ok

Posted by asad79 on October, 2nd 2:11 PM 2016

thanks you admin

Posted by magno31 on September, 12th 1:10 AM 2016

thanks admin

Posted by saa23 on August, 22nd 4:28 PM 2016


Posted by ashraful1 on August, 18th 5:17 AM 2016

thank you

Posted by dams on August, 14th 11:52 PM 2016

thanks you admin,,,,,,,,??

Posted by mahamud rimon on August, 5th 5:21 PM 2016

Tank you

Posted by mariana plesca on August, 4th 5:02 PM 2016

thank you

Posted by useek on August, 4th 11:34 AM 2016

thank you!

Posted by useek on August, 4th 11:34 AM 2016

Thank You

Posted by gmara on July, 26th 3:14 PM 2016


Posted by Babor on July, 26th 9:20 AM 2016

Thank You So Much

Posted by manithroeung on July, 22nd 12:52 PM 2016

thank u admin

Posted by Mampi on July, 22nd 5:33 AM 2016

thank you admin............................... thank u

Posted by Mampi on July, 21st 5:28 AM 2016

Thank you

Posted by Mampi on July, 20th 4:49 PM 2016

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