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Reading Thread: [Improvement] Renting Referral Marketplace

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Dear AyuWage Members,

After much feedback from our members, we've changed our guaranteed last active from 365 to 7 days in the official referral marketplace.
We are always dedicated to positive change. We hope this change will make renting referrals more profitable and fair to our members. 

Happy Earnings!
AyuWage Staff

Posted by AyuWage on October, 5th 10:54 PM 2016

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will try it

Posted by ubay on January, 1st 12:28 AM 2018

Thank you very much. Long live Ayuwage.

Posted by Puru on December, 16th 2:03 PM 2017

Thank u admin

Posted by zaidane on December, 8th 9:05 AM 2016

All understood, thank you.

Posted by talex55 on November, 7th 1:50 PM 2016

It was a nice addition.

Posted by stivakos on November, 6th 8:50 PM 2016

Thank you

Posted by kerrylly on November, 6th 6:18 PM 2016

truth? Thank you

Posted by kerrylly on November, 6th 6:13 PM 2016

ob tanks

Posted by kerrylly on November, 6th 6:11 PM 2016

thanks ayuwage

Posted by cesarin on November, 3rd 3:43 AM 2016

how i rent a refferal?

Posted by sohel on November, 2nd 5:50 PM 2016

Wow great!! If is possible you guys can add the option to extend them in any case that is a good one that we want to keep. That will be also great!

Posted by Naty on October, 31st 6:12 AM 2016


Posted by arif.ccnp on October, 30th 12:30 PM 2016

yes thank you 

Posted by stacy532 on October, 29th 5:48 AM 2016

Its so good. Thank you very much.

Posted by g.wheelson on October, 28th 7:06 AM 2016

Im back, hope everything would be fine. Thanks Ayuwage for giving us this opportunity. God Bless!

Posted by mohimo on October, 27th 5:04 AM 2016

good dicision

Posted by mahabub on October, 24th 5:04 AM 2016

Thank you. Admin

Posted by AWtar on October, 20th 1:56 PM 2016

Its nice thing

Posted by mrkhansumon on October, 19th 4:32 PM 2016


Posted by magno31 on October, 16th 7:19 PM 2016


Posted by gopi51 on October, 13th 11:04 AM 2016

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