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Hello AyuWage Members,

We have had some reports about some of our Survey Sites having some issues and low quantity of them.
We are happy to say that we have fixed most of the issues and have added more offers to our inventory as well.

Please do note that some Survey Sites will not credit instantly and may take a day or two depending on the network partner.
We are doing our best to add more sites daily for our members so that everyone may earn and cash-out at a faster rate.

Thank you for being a loyal member and happy earnings.
- AyuWage Team -

Posted by AyuWage on November, 3rd 1:16 AM 2016

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Posted by breidster1 on April, 20th 7:59 AM 2017

Thanks Admin

Posted by Jagure on March, 31st 11:56 AM 2017

Top super

Posted by Nikita on February, 27th 8:27 PM 2017


Posted by Rabu on December, 19th 10:01 PM 2016


Posted by Habibur Rahman on December, 17th 5:25 PM 2016


Posted by gopi51 on December, 5th 7:49 AM 2016

thanks admin

Posted by anour-dz on November, 29th 8:47 PM 2016


Posted by pankaj on November, 26th 2:02 PM 2016

Thanks admin...

Posted by mislam on November, 23rd 3:44 PM 2016


Posted by kathy2202 on November, 15th 7:16 PM 2016

thank you.

Posted by runner on November, 13th 4:23 PM 2016

Thank you for the information

Posted by SILPEN on November, 13th 3:49 AM 2016

Thank you, Admin. for everything.

Posted by vgesner on November, 8th 11:40 PM 2016


Posted by Tacher on November, 7th 4:35 PM 2016

It's good

Posted by talex55 on November, 7th 1:49 PM 2016

good one

Posted by simido on November, 7th 8:37 AM 2016


Posted by cvetulence on November, 6th 7:43 PM 2016

great news admin.

Posted by runner on November, 6th 3:27 PM 2016

Thank you

Posted by g.wheelson on November, 6th 6:37 AM 2016

Thank you...

Posted by alex017 on November, 6th 12:53 AM 2016

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