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Reading Thread: [News] Earning Options, Explore Sites, and Payments

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Hello AyuWage Members,

As many of you have reported, we have noticed issues with some of our earning options not working or being credited.
We have fixed the many issues that you are experiencing and all sites should be working without issues.

We would also like to remind all members to not submit random URLs or URLs that do not meet the criteria for the 3rd URL for explore websites. 
If you cannot find a URL that meets the criteria for the 3rd URL, please report the site instead, wait for it to expire, and move onto the next time.
As always, please make sure to read the instructions before attempting to complete a task or site.

Lastly, we would like to inform all members that there has been a slight delay in some payments.
But all payments will be processed today and sent out by Monday night 12/5/2016 (tomorrow).

Thank you for being a member of AyuWage and we look forward to provide more earnings for you in the years to come.

Happy Holidays,
AyuWage Staff

Posted by AyuWage on December, 4th 4:01 PM 2016

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Replies to Thread (Latest First)

Thank-you for the update!!  Thanks also for the payment!! ;)

Posted by STOUTjodee on December, 8th 5:16 PM 2016

Thanks for the info..

Posted by mannu26 on December, 8th 8:28 AM 2016

Thank you! Received my first payment (hopefully not the last) :) 

Posted by eternal8 on December, 8th 6:48 AM 2016

Thanks admin

Posted by thanks on December, 7th 1:15 PM 2016

Well, thank you.

Posted by d.l.u.1234 on December, 7th 7:30 AM 2016

okey admin! 

Posted by hcolmenares on December, 6th 4:12 PM 2016

Thank you very much. I have received my payment very soon, thanks for this too.

Posted by Nekane98 on December, 6th 12:56 PM 2016

Received my payment today.

Thank you!

Posted by webgirl on December, 6th 11:52 AM 2016

Thanks Admin. Wish you all the best...

Posted by sujadhav on December, 6th 10:59 AM 2016

Thank's Ayuwage

Posted by ddyaz on December, 6th 8:49 AM 2016

Thank you! 

Posted by Lolabebola on December, 6th 7:57 AM 2016


Posted by quangtrungp on December, 5th 7:31 PM 2016


Posted by omaxpower on December, 5th 12:56 PM 2016

Hello ayuwage Im member since 2010 , when I try to report some site  where there is no 3rd link in the explore sites its says another member succeeded which means another member put some random link and we cant report it, and curently  almost 80% of the sites doesnt have 3rd link...which means they abuse the ayuwage site if we dont put some 3rd url....They receive traffic on their sites but we cant sumbit the explore sites...

Posted by pecepecev on December, 5th 10:07 AM 2016


Posted by xenosz2 on December, 5th 10:06 AM 2016


Posted by titanik555 on December, 5th 8:10 AM 2016

Thanks A lot AyuWage

Posted by Azim molla on December, 5th 7:31 AM 2016

That's a good news.Hopefully I'll receive my payment request soon.

Posted by Juits on December, 5th 7:25 AM 2016

still waiting for my payment approved on 2/11/2016

Posted by Ajstyle on December, 5th 6:56 AM 2016

Thanks a lot Admin !!!

Posted by Imti on December, 5th 4:27 AM 2016

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