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Hello AyuWage Members,

We noticed that some survey sites were leading to empty pages on our end.
Since then, we have corrected the issue and removed any surveys leading to bad URLs.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may have based and will make sure all future surveys work.

Best Rewards,
- AyuWage Team -

Posted by AyuWage on May, 5th 8:40 PM 2017

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Posted by kundan123 on February, 26th 8:13 PM 2018

Ayuwage is always the best

Posted by Amin on February, 17th 10:56 AM 2018

thank u ayuwage

Posted by jaideepganesh on January, 22nd 3:13 PM 2018

okĀ  gracias

Posted by alfredux on December, 2nd 1:28 AM 2017


Posted by Dinesh on November, 29th 12:11 PM 2017


Posted by skyle on November, 1st 1:55 AM 2017

Thank you admin

Posted by Sheikh on October, 24th 5:19 AM 2017

Gracias admin... Thank you :)

Posted by gabost01 on October, 17th 12:50 PM 2017


Posted by Palafox on October, 3rd 10:21 PM 2017

norte entiendo esto

Posted by j.j on October, 3rd 8:57 PM 2017

Ok Thanks

Posted by Akm on September, 19th 11:37 AM 2017


Posted by Yoppi on September, 15th 8:35 PM 2017


Posted by brit150 on August, 26th 12:03 PM 2017

Thank you admin

Posted by Google12 on June, 30th 6:43 AM 2017


Posted by manick on June, 27th 11:38 AM 2017

thank u admin!

Posted by good on June, 23rd 10:05 PM 2017


Posted by frailecillo rosa on June, 17th 2:40 PM 2017


Posted by muna on June, 15th 5:07 AM 2017


Posted by Malkata on June, 14th 4:33 PM 2017

Thank you. It's good

Posted by d.l.u.1234 on June, 13th 6:23 AM 2017

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