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Hello AyuWage Members,

We noticed there was a problem with our payment processor in which a small amount of our payments that we approve get stuck in their queue. We have worked with our payment processor to fix this issue and get all queued payments out to our members. All queued payments should now all be out to our payments, we apologize for the delay in getting some of these out. We are working to make sure this doesn't happen again and get payments out more swiftly to our members.

Happy Earnings!
-Ayuwage Team

Posted by AyuWage on December, 18th 12:24 AM 2017

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don't receive  my payment

Posted by i can not my Pay on March, 12th 3:48 PM 2018

ayuwage rocksss

Posted by jaideepganesh on January, 29th 5:58 AM 2018

That's good!! Excellent!!

Posted by HpMad on January, 26th 12:43 AM 2018

Thank you Admin for fixing issues when found Keep up the great work.

Posted by jimbo on January, 24th 12:07 AM 2018

Hi, guys. Any new news?

Posted by Nomads on January, 21st 7:28 PM 2018

hello :) pending since December 21st. any problems? 


Posted by Bojchyka on January, 20th 11:08 PM 2018


Posted by l54rrr12 on January, 17th 8:28 PM 2018

almost a month in pending payment. is it because payment queue?

Posted by ungu on January, 17th 4:27 AM 2018

Why no body reply, please reply

Posted by dulal1993 on January, 8th 7:36 PM 2018


Posted by ericklogic on January, 6th 7:11 PM 2018

Same here, before christmas, plz don't forget it :)

Posted by Kaylon on January, 4th 3:50 PM 2018

Happy new year Admin,
I'm waiting for my payment requested before Christmas.
Please do not forget me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

username  farasina

Posted by farasina on January, 3rd 3:12 PM 2018

thank u

Posted by aditya saha on January, 2nd 5:57 PM 2018

I don't receive payment. can u check it for me?

Posted by vinhhoangnhan on December, 29th 11:05 AM 2017

good job, I received all 3 payments. Big Ayuwage!!!. many thanks. Merry Christmas

Posted by geliwod on December, 25th 10:13 AM 2017

Happy Holidays to all!

Posted by filmero on December, 24th 1:18 PM 2017

 Dear Admeen! I can not make cashout to Payza system.

The Payza money withdraw button does not work

Posted by yagenp on December, 24th 11:52 AM 2017

Happy Christmas ! Have great successes and good luck !

Posted by yagenp on December, 24th 11:37 AM 2017

Thank you Admin, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018

Posted by shmily on December, 24th 7:45 AM 2017

This is good news!
For Admin and the whole team:
Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!!!


Posted by Flame on December, 23rd 4:07 AM 2017

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