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Hello AyuWage Members,

Due to sudden increase in the network site, there has been delays in the payment queue for cashout due to staff limited availability.
We have increased our staff to handle the extra load in making sure payments are processed and sent out in a timely fashion.
If you have a pending payment, you can expect it to be processed in the next few business days.

We appreciate your patience,
- AyuWage Staff -

Posted by AyuWage on January, 29th 3:03 AM

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Пользователь PayInstantOrder Services отправил Вам 5,00 USD.
Примечание от PayInstantOrder Services:
quoteHello AyuWage Member,Your request for Paypal USD Cashout has been successfully delivered.Please do share your payment as proof to help our community grow.Thank you for Choosing AyuWage Services,AyuWage Teamhttp://www.ayuwage.comquote
Сведения об операции
Код операции: 41998705XP3447429
30 апреля 2018 г.
Полученная сумма:
5,00 USD

Posted by dzionis99 on May, 2nd 4:01 AM

Please refund the bonus
A bank email has been entered payza 
Please return the amount to my account at ayuwage
I'm really sorry I don't know what happened to me 
Very sorry for the inconvenience

Posted by nasertoya on May, 1st 11:21 PM

I have received 5 payments today. Thank you ayuwage. Site serious. 

Posted by richman00 on May, 1st 4:40 AM

Thanks Admin

Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID # 40E30057CN185012F)

Sent by:
PayInstantOrder Services (The sender of this payment is Verified)
Payment sent from:
Payment sent to:


Business Contact Information 
Customer Service URL:http://www.payinstantorder.com
Customer Service Email:

Amount received:
$10.00 USD
Fee amount:
$0.00 USD

Net amount:
$10.00 USD

Issue a refund Help
You have up to 180 days to refund the payment.

Apr 30, 2018
18:35:12 PDT

AyuWage Rewards Delivered
Hello AyuWage Member,Your request for Paypal USD Cashout has been successfully delivered.Please do share your payment as proof to help our community grow.Thank you for Choosing AyuWage Services,AyuWage Teamhttp://www.ayuwage.com
Payment type:

Posted by amla on May, 1st 3:03 AM

How long take to receive requested payment?

Posted by wowtom on April, 11th 10:42 PM

I was also got paid, and with payment I received bonus 30 cents in my account. This is good site ayuwage.

Posted by Hist on April, 1st 1:03 PM

que tanto tiempo dura para liberar el pago?

Posted by cucurrito25 on March, 31st 12:30 PM

l9W  thanks admin

Posted by domas on March, 21st 1:19 AM


Posted by stano on March, 20th 7:12 PM

PayInstantOrder Services has sent you 5,00 USD.

Two days ago. Thank you, AyuWage!

Posted by Ivan88 on March, 20th 2:18 PM

I get received payment $5.00 after long lime wait (45 days ). It is good job
Thanks admin for payment

Posted by salam on March, 20th 10:11 AM

Thanks Admin

For the payment
regards, emele67



Posted by emele67 on March, 19th 11:44 AM

thanks admin you paid me on march 18th, 2018, long life, bravo indonesia, horass medan

Posted by estomihi on March, 19th 9:28 AM

Thank very AyuWage.com 29365912_10212211821639325_6391690877307http:

Posted by Adi marthen on March, 19th 4:14 AM

thank you i got 3 payment

Posted by ada on March, 18th 4:53 PM

Ayuwage really put a smile on my face today:

Transaction Details

Transaction ID: 11E91618GW5065152

March 18, 2018



Money received

$10.00 USD


Transaction ID: 87C40455JD226301C

March 18, 2018



Money received

$10.00 USD



Transaction ID: 5FM90543LY3618046

March 18, 2018



Money received

$10.00 USD


Transaction ID: 2HB098250J333294Y

March 18, 2018



Money received

$10.00 USD

Transaction ID: 0AF76549MM556542Y

March 18, 2018



Money received

$10.00 USD

Posted by Angelbravo on March, 18th 1:31 PM

Thank you ayuwage, i have received my payment. Site serious. Good earnings. 

Posted by richman00 on March, 18th 11:59 AM

please my  payment

Posted by karmicase on March, 10th 8:18 PM

Excuse me please, how long do I have to wait for payment now? Thank You!

Posted by SOA1112 on March, 9th 12:30 AM

how many days before to receive payment? thank you 

Posted by shin on March, 3rd 5:36 AM

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