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Hello AyuWage Members,

Due to sudden increase in the network site, there has been delays in the payment queue for cashout due to staff limited availability.
We have increased our staff to handle the extra load in making sure payments are processed and sent out in a timely fashion.
If you have a pending payment, you can expect it to be processed in the next few business days.

We appreciate your patience,
- AyuWage Staff -

Posted by AyuWage on January, 29th 3:03 AM

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I have received mine too. Thanks AYUWAGE admin. Until the next payment.


Posted by delle on February, 13th 9:30 PM

Thanks for the information!

Posted by Mort on February, 10th 12:29 PM

thank you, I received mine

Posted by Bojchyka on February, 6th 1:30 PM

Congratulations to everyone who have received their payments.

Posted by Puru on February, 5th 9:50 PM

Thank You My Earning Payment $5.00, but long time waiting for payment paid & It is good job.

Posted by Mithun on February, 4th 10:20 PM

you are doing a great job admin

Posted by jaideepganesh on February, 4th 10:32 AM

thanks admin for my 5 payment :) you are great

Posted by matev95 on February, 3rd 8:13 AM

i got my payment.thanks admin.

Posted by jaideepganesh on February, 2nd 3:17 AM

yes i also got my first payment after one long time buy i am happy thANKS ADMIN

Posted by Dinesh on February, 1st 12:22 PM

Thanks to Admin and AyuWage Team Staff I received my much awaited payments at last.

Posted by Puru on February, 1st 6:49 AM

Thanks Admin

For the payment
meer abu jead

Posted by meer786 on January, 31st 9:50 AM

Thanks Ayuwage...I have got my first payment.

Posted by sabiit on January, 31st 8:16 AM

thank you for paying all 3 cashout pending

Posted by ada on January, 30th 11:33 PM

My fourth payment! Thanks so much Admin!


Posted by Flame on January, 30th 9:56 PM

thks AYUWAGE, yesterday two paid. .

Excelent page, excelent adm,

Posted by geliwod on January, 30th 9:43 PM

hola a todos, cumplido con pago de manera exitosa, en poco tiempo, promedio tres dias

PayInstantOrder Services le ha enviado $ 5,00 USD.
Nota de PayInstantOrder Services:
citarMiembro de Hello AyuWage, su solicitud de Paypal USD Cashout se ha entregado con éxito. Comparta su pago como prueba para ayudar a nuestra comunidad a crecer. Gracias por elegir los servicios de AyuWage, AyuWage Teamhttp: // www.ayuwage.comcitar
Detalles de la transacción
Carné de identidad. de la transacción: 87K70174KD986980B
30 de enero de 2018
Importe recibido
$ 5,00 USD

Posted by yyb on January, 30th 7:11 PM

Transaction details

Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID # 6H055911NE224541G)

Sent by:
PayInstantOrder Services (The sender of this payment is Verified)
Payment sent from:
Payment sent to:


Business Contact Information
Customer Service URL:http://www.payinstantorder.com
Customer Service Email:

Amount received:
$5.00 USD
Fee amount:
$0.00 USD

Net amount:
$5.00 USD

Issue a refund Help
You have up to 180 days to refund the payment.

Jan 30, 2018
07:41:15 PST

AyuWage Rewards Delivered
Hello AyuWage Member,Your request for Paypal USD Cashout has been successfully delivered.Please do share your payment as proof to help our community grow.Thank you for Choosing AyuWage Services,AyuWage Teamhttp://www.ayuwage.com
Payment type:

Posted by nqmarima on January, 30th 2:21 PM

Como hago para que AyuWage se entere de mi cuenta en PAYPAL?

Posted by Dj:-) on January, 30th 1:48 PM

My problem was resolved, thanks ayuwage!

Posted by leon_alr on January, 30th 12:08 PM

Thanks for the information!

Posted by essilor on January, 30th 11:59 AM

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