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Hello AyuWage Members,

We have updated the AyuWin sweepstakes to include the our newer site earning options "Browse" and "Explore" so that users may enter the sweepstakes for those two categories. We also have updated the criteria for the doubling of sweepstakes tickets to completing all earning options from 7 to 8 to accounting for the other earning options. We hope this change will make your experience on AyuWage a more pleasant one.

On a side note, we are in the midst of processing payment batches for those that have requested a cashout, those who have made a cashout will be expected to get their notification email of cashout being processed and can expect to receive their payment soon.

Happy Earnings!
- AyuWage Team

Posted by AyuWage on March, 8th 1:17 PM 2018

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Thank you very much admin for my 2 payments, you are great :)

Posted by matev95 on March, 20th 5:03 PM 2018

Thank administrator for payment. Your site is super.Uspeh

Posted by Malkata on March, 20th 12:16 PM 2018

I got my payment, worth the waiting. Thank you.

Posted by ungu on March, 19th 8:34 PM 2018

Thanks for the information on payments. I hope my pending cash out will be in the payment processing batches (already six weeks pending).

Posted by tutakebondalem on March, 16th 1:21 AM 2018

thanks for the info

Posted by muchamad87 on March, 15th 9:44 PM 2018

To the member below who reported the issue with AyuWin, we are working to fix this and our developers should fix it shortly.

Posted by AyuWage on March, 15th 9:08 AM 2018

Hi, good evening,

There is a problem with the AyuWin sweepstakes.

Today I have all 8 entered. I clicked the 'Enter' button beside each one, each one was then listed as 'Entered' and my total rose to 8 entries.

At the bottom, it says there is a bonus when you get 8 entries - that bonus is 8 more entries.

There is an 'Enter' button next to my nickname for the bonus entries - but the button does not work.

No matter how many times I hit that bonus 'Enter' button, it does not list it as 'Entered' and does not give me bonus 8 entries.

Meaning I only have 8 entries today, instead of the 16 I earned.

Very disappointed :(

Enter into Sweepstakes
Complete Requirement Entries Enter
20 Sites in View Tab +1 Entered
5 Sites in Browse Tab +1 Entered
10 Sites in Regular Tab +1 Entered
2 Sites in Explore Tab +1 Entered
1 Site in Email Tab +1 Entered
1 Site in Search Tab +1 Entered
1 Site in Special Tab +1 Entered
10 Live Sites (Live Tab) +1 Entered
Do Every Tasks Above Bonus ++8 Nickname:

Posted by Member on March, 14th 7:20 PM 2018


  When will deliver payments. Pls reply

Posted by bravo on March, 13th 10:05 AM 2018

Thank you Ayuwage Admin God bless

Posted by bals on March, 12th 10:01 AM 2018

Dear Adm, good day.

Thanks for sharing it.

Will be great to solve payment issue soonest, due to we are unable to get new referrals , because they do not trust in ayuwage.


Posted by Canelon2017 on March, 9th 9:14 PM 2018

Thanks admin

Posted by Dinesh on March, 9th 5:11 AM 2018

Nice changes and more chances for clickers. Thanks for the information  on payments.

Best regards to all staff!


Posted by Rafa on March, 9th 5:04 AM 2018

Thanks Admin. Have a great day.. :) 

Posted by tawilwil on March, 8th 6:34 PM 2018

Thanks for the info, especially in relation to the payment batches in process. 

Posted by bende on March, 8th 1:43 PM 2018

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