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Reading Thread: [Payment] Payza Removed - Seeking Alternatives

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Hello AyuWage Members,

As you may have noticed Payza is no longer being offered, this is due to Payza no longer servicing our region.
We are looking for alternatives to replace Payza at this time, we are happy to hear suggestions from our members.

-AyuWage Team-

Posted by AyuWage on March, 30th 9:33 PM

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Bitcoin and payeer

Posted by Silentx on November, 21st 7:06 AM

Hello AyuWage Team, I think Payoneer should be the best Payment option for the time being,  considering it's brand value all over the world , in my point of view it's much better than other payment processors & also very reliable trustworthy source for payment option.

Posted by kaushik on November, 6th 11:40 AM

May I suggest felmo prepaid visa debit card, I can supply details

Posted by AJ on October, 21st 7:21 AM

I want  bitcoin

Posted by tiberiu on October, 5th 2:26 PM


Posted by kennyzeal on October, 2nd 1:47 PM


Posted by qqaazz12 on September, 28th 3:24 AM

Good day!!! Neteller, Payeer or Skrill will be great

Posted by mrain on September, 12th 5:14 AM

I need help and I made the 10 dollars and I still have not received my payment, I do not understand what happens?

Posted by dov123 on September, 10th 10:18 AM

Please add Payeer and CoinPayments.

Posted by vojons on July, 29th 9:42 AM

webmoney, perfectmoney

Posted by karmoussa on July, 27th 4:54 AM


Posted by clixrakhman on July, 20th 7:33 PM


Posted by Khorshed on July, 13th 8:13 AM

I vote for Skrill.

Posted by maiden on July, 1st 2:04 PM

hello guys when is gonna be available another way to withdraw please i have money here from more than 2 month of work i dont have paypal please put another payment system thanks 

Posted by armhez on June, 25th 12:08 AM

bitcoin is the best

Posted by ayu50 on June, 15th 1:30 AM

When will you add another payment processor ?? Me and a lot of members cannot cachout through Paypal .I suggest " Perfect Money " or " Neteller"

Posted by madokoko on June, 14th 6:51 PM


Posted by EVE on June, 10th 6:14 PM


Posted by sotnya on June, 4th 11:00 AM


Posted by sergej75 on June, 4th 9:41 AM

hi guys when is gonna be available another way to withdraw money i dont have paypal could you please used skrill or bitcoin thanks 

Posted by armhez on May, 30th 6:13 PM

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