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Hello AyuWage Members,

Recently some our members have reported trouble accessing some of our domains on our server.
Our team has corrected the issue and apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.
We are making sure this will not happen again in the future. Thank you for all your reports.

Happy Earnings
-AyuWage Team-

Posted by AyuWage on May, 17th 11:52 PM

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Posted by kranker.20a on October, 3rd 7:29 AM


Posted by PolishBux on September, 14th 11:40 PM

Thanks Admin !

When i browse TAB survey. This web conect other.Other Web needs me payed some information. Can you check agian!. But this link not conect to survey when i finished payment .

Posted by Rongdat on June, 29th 2:51 AM

thank you admin

Posted by mocho7 on May, 25th 4:17 AM

Thanks so much ❤️

Posted by Willimzy on May, 24th 3:57 AM

Thanks, Admin. 

Posted by snuki on May, 24th 12:05 AM


Not all fixed.
For several days now, in Browse you have
Automated Profit Trading [627871]
Automated Trading, forex trading [628060]
leading to a DNS error

Then there is safelink wortel [591309]
Leads to server not found.

Maybe someone can take a look and fix?


Posted by Member on May, 23rd 4:47 AM

Thanks admin for quick respone

Posted by pupunk on May, 21st 8:42 PM

Thank you Admin. Much appreciated. Long live AyuWage.

Posted by Puru on May, 21st 6:45 AM


Posted by sacandopuntos on May, 20th 8:06 PM

Thank you very much.

Posted by graf3 on May, 20th 3:22 PM

Thanks for this because it was very annoying.Now I am happy

Posted by Yousuf on May, 19th 7:06 AM

You the most best!!!

Posted by brauzik on May, 18th 9:58 PM

thanks admin

Posted by cholaisakthi on May, 18th 9:20 PM


Posted by jonath on May, 18th 4:51 PM


Posted by klari63 on May, 18th 11:11 AM

Thank you very much.

Posted by Isozaki on May, 18th 10:12 AM

Thank you,It was very irritating and time-consuming. Now I am Happy.

Posted by Mona on May, 18th 9:25 AM

Thanks, Admin. Hope everything is running well with Ayuwage!

Posted by bende on May, 18th 9:19 AM

Thank you!

Posted by kotks1 on May, 18th 9:02 AM

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