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Reading Thread: [Fixed] Share Earning Issues

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Hello AyuWage Members,

We have received reports that some members are receiving blank URL fields with the Share earning option.
The issues have been fixed and members should be able to see the URLs now without any issues.
We apologize for the incontinence caused and thank you for reporting the problem.

-AyuWage Team-

Posted by AyuWage on November, 28th 3:09 PM 2018

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There's also sudden appearance of webpage before I click my tasks. Please investigate this. Thanks

Posted by iamcjkleer24 on May, 23rd 2:29 PM 2019

Gracias AyuWage

Posted by Gaviota on January, 14th 1:59 AM 2019

Nice , Now url showing sir

Posted by mm1985 on December, 6th 12:26 PM 2018


Posted by nalam on December, 1st 1:55 PM 2018

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Uwaga od użytkownika PayInstantOrder Services:
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Posted by Fanatick on November, 29th 6:56 PM 2018

thanks you

Posted by ewill-moreno on November, 29th 12:41 AM 2018

Thank yoh for fix this problem. I have still a question, when i will recive the payments thats are waiting from july?


Posted by janos001 on November, 28th 7:46 PM 2018

I received a payment from AyuWage last month, but I could not share it.
I'm glad you've fixed the posting site for Thanksgiving.
I'm glad to be part of the AyuWage team, for 7 years now. I wish success to employers and health! Thanks!
Congratulations Nedka Arabadzhieva

Posted by nedka12 on November, 28th 7:39 PM 2018

Thank you very much It works properly now.

Posted by Pedro on November, 28th 4:27 PM 2018

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