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Hello AyuWage Members,

If you've noticed, we've done many changes to our start earning area and how our system directs you to our sites. We've recent upgraded and made changes to our direction system & warning system to counter bot activities by members. We want to remind users that we strictly do not allow bot activity and will not tolerate it at all. We do not want to resolve to having a captcha after every website to determine if you're a human or not.

Due to our new system: for all sites, you will now need to do an additional click after the website loads to be brought to the advertiser's website and receive the credit(s). We remind you to please follow the instructions outlined, if you do not follow the instructions, the advertisers has no reason to continue to advertise through our network and we'll have less and less sites for all members; especially the higher valued sites.

A new feature has been introduced, a new live surfing option! For users that leave their computers on, you can now browse sites with a live refresh for that category and get credited after an X period of time. Do note that the system credits based on the time you've spent live browsing, not the number of websites viewed. We do recommend that you do look at the sites that you're live surfing.

Lastly, we have something exciting in the works that will be introduced soon to our members. Our developers been working on it lately and we hope to introduce it to our members when it's finished.

We're always doing our best to address member concerns and improving our system. If you have any questions or suggestions, please make a ticket and we'll be sure to get it sorted out!

Happy Earning! -AyuWage Staff-

Posted by AyuWage on September, 4th 1:38 AM 2012

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new changes.... its really goods

Posted by ani192 on November, 6th 4:24 AM 2012

yes , new change ,it is good

Posted by wen on October, 30th 4:09 AM 2012

Thanks alot Long Live Ayuwage........

Posted by snp1507 on October, 24th 10:26 AM 2012

Hi! i couldn't believe my eyes that ayuwage real award users credits for only browsing through the ayuwage wepsite, yesterday i got 700 credits, and i think in the future i will be getting more links to vists and earn a lot of credits, thanks ayuwage for being a support for many people.

Posted by afram on October, 24th 7:37 AM 2012


Posted by Shiva on October, 17th 5:45 AM 2012

Gracias a la administración de Ayuwage, porque he recibido 2 pagos de $5 y están pendiente 3 más

Posted by aboscan on October, 4th 2:29 PM 2012

i wish you guys many profits here by Ayuwage! good luck and keep looking for your dreams! best regards, nqmarima

Posted by nqmarima on September, 28th 10:25 AM 2012

Thanks Ayuwage for some updates!

Posted by SOL on September, 24th 9:46 AM 2012


Posted by manjuhichkad on September, 23rd 7:22 PM 2012

Thanks for taking action that helps keep the site healthy.

Posted by purpplebubbler on September, 12th 1:54 PM 2012

hi , guys! i think the changes are nessesary because some of the members are cheating! thats what everybody have to do when someone is breaking the TOS! congrats admins, keep working and we will keep supporting your measurement against the cheaters! how can we, honest members, help you admins with this war? regards, Maria

Posted by nqmarima on September, 11th 11:42 AM 2012

Thanks admin

Posted by kolobigay on September, 11th 11:35 AM 2012

Great news!

Thank you AyuWage Staff!

Posted by Wilson25 on September, 10th 6:34 AM 2012

lol everyone else gets credit for my good ideas. Thanks for responding about it anyways I just thought it might be possible.

Posted by hrjustinptc on September, 9th 11:33 PM 2012

Due to the way our system works that extra click after the CAPTCHA is required. We are looking for ways to make our website more user friendly but the botters are ruining the fun for everyone.

Posted by AyuWage on September, 9th 6:17 PM 2012

Hi, I agree with panglima, will be much easy after clicking captcha to go direct to site, like that everything will be faster

Posted by Costi on September, 9th 12:04 PM 2012


Posted by panglima on September, 9th 8:44 AM 2012

The new captcha picture is actually pretty nice its not a bad way to continue to the website. Is there any way you could make it so the pages loads right after clicking the captcha. I just thought it is kinda redundant to need to click the continue to page link after the red dot captcha. great improvements to the site though its a great way to earn money even without referrals compared to other sites.

Posted by hrjustinptc on September, 9th 5:00 AM 2012

Thanks admin

Posted by aimiliya on September, 8th 1:17 AM 2012

Thanks admin

Posted by Tekes on September, 7th 7:00 PM 2012

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