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Reading Thread: [Update] New (View) Passive Site, Special Sites Revamp, New (Live) Interactive Site, and Toolbar Revamp

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Hello AyuWage Members,

We've been working hard to bring our members new ways to earn more for our members as well as address several reported issues. We are proud to say that they have now been released for our members to use to start earning from as of right now. There may not be many sites for viewing right now, as they have just been added, but in the upcoming days, there will be lots more.

- New (View) Passive Site Our new Passive Site in the View Category allows you earn more from us, up to 3x more than the average View Website. With this new site, please make sure to follow the instructions, as we don't want to give warnings out to you.

- Special Site Revamp Special sites have now been categorized so members can easily choose from the sites they wish to complete. Do note that special sites usually take under 1 minute to complete and is managed by our staff. The actions are relatively simple and we've made sure of that! And you earn 5x to 10x more than a Regular Site.

- New (Live) Interactive Site We've added a new Interactive Site in the Live Category which allows you to earn credits from us in a new way. Now you won't have to miss with new windows or timers as we've got it all handled out for you. With Interactive Sites, you can earn up to 5x more compared to the Live Sites, which can be a big boost. Do make sure to follow the instructions for Interactive Sites, unlike Live Sites, you must interact with the site to earn from it.

- Toolbar Revamp It's been ages since the Toolbar has been updated and we've decided to make it more user friendly. Now, you can easily check the quantity of websites available on the toolbar, so you won't have to guess where the sites are! As always you can disable site types that you don't want to see in your "My Account" area.

We're always looking for ways to improve our network and expand member's earning choices. Unlike most networks which give less to members over time, we're here to give you more and innovate more as well. As always if you have any questions, feel free to open a ticket in the Request Help tab or go to the community and ask other members.

Happy Earnings! - AyuWage Staff Member-

Posted by AyuWage on October, 29th 3:48 AM 2012

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the REAL TRUTH...Ayuwage is the BEST !!!

Posted by pan on October, 22nd 5:12 AM 2013

I love Ayuwage Completely

Posted by benique100 on April, 12th 5:59 AM 2013

I Love AyuWage...............................................................

Posted by amitab9999 on November, 21st 10:08 PM 2012

hi! that is so great ayuwage, keep it uo in improving!

Posted by afram on November, 7th 3:56 PM 2012

ayuwage is the best...

Posted by whoami on October, 31st 9:08 AM 2012


Posted by afram on October, 31st 1:42 AM 2012

Yeaaaaaa... Our Best Earning Site

Lov Yu Ayuwage : )

Posted by xspydarex on October, 30th 11:16 PM 2012

Admin new updates are AWESOME !!! Great work ;)

Posted by Cojo on October, 30th 9:53 AM 2012

Well .sir

Posted by Shiva on October, 30th 9:39 AM 2012

Thank you AyuWage Staff! Very good news.

Posted by Sumrock on October, 29th 7:57 PM 2012

not bad, the site is real improving

Posted by afram on October, 29th 4:11 PM 2012

i love you sir

Posted by inamullah khan on October, 29th 2:01 PM 2012

Ayu wage has implemented many new methods during last 2 months. Keep up the good work.

Posted by shankar on October, 29th 12:23 PM 2012

Is the Live Interactive Site working yet? I load it but nothing pops up except the window that says to close it after the pop up shows. Am I doing something wrong?

And I love the new ways! I have got more in 2 days than I have in 2 weeks! Thank you guys!

Posted by Willow1622a on October, 29th 11:11 AM 2012

Good news .... but the view site a little bit hard to load to day , so I can't continued to get credit without reload web more and more, but the others site is ok , thanks.

Posted by eko on October, 29th 9:09 AM 2012

These are great improvements!

Congratulations to AyuWage Staff for always innovating.

Thank you AyuWage Staff for your hard work and your effort.

Happy earnings to all!

Posted by Wilson25 on October, 29th 8:00 AM 2012

Well done!

Posted by Costi on October, 29th 7:09 AM 2012

thank you very much sir.

Posted by mjb4u on October, 29th 4:57 AM 2012

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