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Reading Thread: AyuWage Temp Store

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To help start out the system and get people familiar with the system (marketplace). AyuWage has started a temporary store.

AyuWage Temp Store: Welcome to the AyuWage store, where referrals are super cheap. As AyuWage does not intend to make money off selling referrals but instead try to help everyone get familiar with the marketplace and set a standard pricing range for everyone to follow.

Referral Store: - Our store stores does not filter (dump) referrals out. (We\'d be deleting the user??). - We do not generate fake bot referrals, you only get users which registered. - You may get a dead referral - Don\'t worry, according to the system, tons of dead users become live users in order to advantage of the increases cashout or like last few weeks, the low minimum payout. - You may get a active referral - No need to explain here, you will earn from this referral daily.

Posted by AyuWage on July, 17th 3:35 PM 2010

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Maximum number of Rented Referrals Please! I mean is there Any Limit for Rented Referrals? Please Clarify....

Posted by JIJNASI on August, 1st 9:58 AM 2012

You choose a store that other users might have made.

Posted by AyuWage on April, 1st 4:56 AM 2011

How can I choose a store, I can only see one store to rent referrals

Posted by ndanh on March, 31st 3:05 PM 2011

Rented 20 referrals for 15 credits each = 300 credits total cost........ 3 Days so far.....earned 500 credits......awesome!! and with the 20% at the end, great boost to my earnings.

Posted by firstclass on July, 30th 1:53 PM 2010

There is a special going on at the Official AyuWage referral store. 10 Credits PER Referral, Take the dive and see how much you can earn from referrals!

Posted by AyuWage on July, 27th 12:33 PM 2010

Thanks, I believe however that renting ACTIVE referrals from your server would be great. Allowing members to rent their referrals is a great a addition.


Posted by JVIuffins on July, 20th 12:57 AM 2010

We do not profit from this, the credits earned go back into the system-> As we give earned credit to bonus to our advertisers, so members have more sites to click.

When this store closes, members may start renting from other members. We can also open a store or add features that allow active members only depending on member feedback like yours.

Posted by AyuWage on July, 19th 8:27 PM 2010

I understand that this temp store if used to get users to get used to the new system. However, didn\'t you say that you would not like to make money off of this? I\'ve rented 13 referrals from your temporary store and so far, my investment has gained me a profit of -720 credits and my unhappiness towards the Temp Store. I understand you can\'t dump dead referrals, but is it possible to make a pool of referrals to rent from, letting the active members be more available to us.

The reason many people are selling their referrals at mid-range of the range of prices because their referrals are active.

What will happen when the store closes?

New system:10/10

AyuWage Temp Store: 0/10

Guys this store is not one you should buy from! Instead invest in something more expensive, it\'s worth it!

*I love the new system, and I think you SHOULD be selling your referrals, but at least code a poll of active people that we can rent from.


Posted by JVIuffins on July, 19th 1:37 PM 2010

Need a little clarity on these referrals we rent from the Ayuwage Temp Store...

What happens to these referrals after the week passes because its stated that the store is only open for a week... do we have the option to extend their rental time?

Also, are the statistics updated in real time, or daily? I rented 5 referrals at different intervals yesterday because I believe in trying new things, and so far out of those 5 rented I have seen nothing in earnings... kinda sad really.

Why would a member who already has direct referrals want to rent them out in the marketplace in first place, unless of course they arent earning anything for the person they signed up under?

Posted by BossLadyPatty on July, 19th 1:06 AM 2010

As said, this is just s temp store for sellers / buyer to get a feel of what the system is like and to lower the price from the ridiculous 4000 credits per referral amount that some sellers were selling at. AyuWage does not plan to sell referrals. And this store is likely to close down within a few days and AyuWage members can of course use this as a reference to charge other people for their referrals.

Posted by AyuWage on July, 18th 3:13 AM 2010

I think its ridiculous, out of all my active refferals i dont get more than 10 credits daily if lucky, that means even at the cheapest price of 90 credits per refferal for one week, that refferal would have to earn 900 credits in 7 days just to pay for itself, and count that even active refferals dont click everyday, PLUS you can rent dead refferlas? It works for the seller but deffinetly not for buyers, you need to either lower the price of give a higher than 10% of refferal credits, for MOST people dont spend ALL day looking fo those 10 ads to get you the 100 credits daily

If i rent i would rent them at about 40-50 credits, but why rent them if they make more for you? so rent only if they make less? so its a rip off for buyers? i dont get it

Posted by yomero on July, 18th 2:46 AM 2010

jea i just got one too, bye bye our 90 credits.

Posted by snake561 on July, 17th 10:13 PM 2010

This is just a temp store to help get the marketplace active. As said in the store description we do not dump referrals at the moment so you may get a dead referral.

Posted by AyuWage on July, 17th 9:40 PM 2010

What happens if we got a dead referral? I rented one for the week, and if does not do anything, how does that work?

Posted by cool2828 on July, 17th 8:34 PM 2010

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