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Reading Thread: [New Feature] Visit Site Again / Report Website

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Hello AyuWage Members,

Due to lots of member feedback, we've decided to implement two new features. 

One is the ability to visit a website that you last visited, we know that at time you may accidentally close a site without following the instructions, this gives you the ability to visit it again to avoid the warning that may be pending on your account.

Next we now give members the ability to report websites. Tired of those blank sites with no content, report it! Did you find a website that doesn't load, report it! Help us get rid of sites from our network to improve the quality of websites that we provide. 

As always, we thank you for being a part of AyuWage, and we appreciate your support!

Happy Earnings!
AyuWage Staff

Posted by AyuWage on May, 21st 7:31 PM 2014

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Posted by Mikel on January, 17th 10:57 AM 2017

this is good new

Posted by hanbmt on December, 13th 12:45 AM 2015

yes ,I know it , just report .

Posted by wen on March, 22nd 9:30 AM 2015


Posted by alexiskurt on October, 16th 8:48 AM 2014

In regular ads, one ad asks to enter our email id that we may not be interested. Can those ads moved to view ads page? or any other link can be provided in that site so that we may not receive the warnings.

Posted by suppi on September, 28th 7:48 AM 2014

thank you for the information Ayuwage!!!

Posted by shinikko25 on June, 7th 1:04 AM 2014

Good features and good luck

Posted by yasirraza on June, 2nd 8:33 AM 2014


Posted by saintage71 on May, 24th 7:20 AM 2014

I was scared at first but I'm getting used to used it now. Some sites don't load right away so I have to click the reload button or refresh it for 2 to 3 times before it loads completely. I just hope that i don't get a warning  :)

Posted by kristeta21 on May, 24th 3:18 AM 2014

thanks for information

Posted by digitalbaca on May, 23rd 5:05 AM 2014

Thanks waiting for this decision from long time

Posted by deempal on May, 23rd 1:50 AM 2014

freaked out at first but, I'm adjusting to the new look, Good Job.

Posted by Angelbravo on May, 22nd 10:57 PM 2014

Thanks for the info. Was afraid I had done something terribly wrong when I first saw that "Last visited site"-box suddenly appear.

Well Done, AyuWage! =D

Posted by root08 on May, 22nd 7:26 PM 2014

This will help a lot... nice features.

Posted by jadwigaj2 on May, 22nd 1:41 PM 2014

I like it because i can report an abuse site and it prevent you from having warning if you mistake from your last ad clicked .Thank you Ayuwage .Its a usefull development .

Posted by Active member on May, 22nd 10:18 AM 2014

Well done Ayuwage team! 

Posted by trolea on May, 22nd 10:18 AM 2014

Nice features, i like it.
thanks a lot Admin

Posted by pancajena on May, 22nd 9:23 AM 2014

Yeah..,great!! That makes me can surf to others website when I met a link that broken, porn-site, etc.

Awesome. :D :D

Posted by paulustaripaR on May, 22nd 3:35 AM 2014

Great news,thank you Ayuwage.

Posted by netsurfer on May, 22nd 3:07 AM 2014

Well done Ayuwage team!   Good features and  professional, now may be confuse for some members but in time they will be OK with that.

Maybe for new members could be something that they can not understand special if they do not know English good.

Posted by Costi on May, 22nd 1:42 AM 2014

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