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Hello AyuWage Members,

We have added another reporting feature for our members. The ability to report Live/Interactive websites.
We have noticed some people are having problem with some live sites breaking the site frame.
And also where some interactive website that had no content for you to interact with.

To report a Live/Interactive site, on the bottom of the new window with the Live/Interactive site, there is a "Report A..." link.
When you click the link, it will show you the last 3 sites you visited via the Live/Interactive frame window.
You then have an option to check the site to make sure it's the website that caused you trouble.
If it is, go ahead and report it to our staff, our staff will review your report and address the issue.

We hope this feature will help improve your browsing experience!
-AyuWage Team-

Posted by AyuWage on May, 23rd 9:43 PM 2014

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Hi Ayuwage. I can not open the ads lick since last night. I don't know what happen. I've make sure that all of my ad/pop blockers are disabled. Can you please help me with this? thanks

Posted by bb2 on December, 3rd 1:54 AM 2015

Thank you ayuwage

Posted by dalelpol on October, 31st 11:43 PM 2014

Thanks admin

Posted by takgo on October, 21st 11:14 AM 2014

Ayuwage is best one and fast paying site but for last some days I am getting ads of only 2 or 3 cent. Why?

Posted by anil on October, 1st 12:03 PM 2014

I always try to do the 10 live sites thing, but I always seem to do something wrong :-) 

Posted by romi on September, 29th 11:42 AM 2014

great admin!

Posted by quadadithoi on September, 29th 11:05 AM 2014


Posted by deempal on September, 27th 3:54 AM 2014


i am new here and i like ayuwage :)

thanks admin!

Posted by cocolino5 on September, 24th 5:22 PM 2014

Thanks admin

Posted by adisetio on September, 9th 8:24 PM 2014

very good news guys, Long Live Ayuwage!!

Posted by gogetassj4 on September, 8th 7:56 AM 2014

thanks Admin

Posted by Jung_Ah on September, 1st 10:15 PM 2014

Thanks admin

Posted by amla on August, 28th 11:33 AM 2014


Posted by Slimmingp on August, 22nd 9:44 PM 2014

Love Ayuwage !

Posted by phattoan on August, 17th 6:59 PM 2014

i think this site is one of the best out there

Posted by domald dack on August, 5th 4:05 PM 2014

good site

Posted by 384 on August, 2nd 5:30 AM 2014

hi good website ayuwage

Posted by sameth on July, 31st 1:54 PM 2014

wow sir it'll be very usefull....

Posted by skv on July, 20th 12:31 PM 2014


Posted by gavilandelh on July, 3rd 2:08 PM 2014

Excellent feature!  I've used it several times already.  Thanks Admin, keep up the good work :)

Posted by craz4elvis on June, 29th 9:37 AM 2014

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